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The Peloponnese region of Greece has managed to keep its identity, its untouched nature, its alive history, its unique character, its picturesque landscapes until nowadays, offering to the ones seeking for revitalizing & connecting the mind, body & spirit the perfect tools to self-healing, but also the ingredients to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Our aim is to offer body awareness, to help you to get in touch with our inner self, to reconnect with the environment, to balance & energize yourself & to re-educate yourself to a tasty & healthy lifestyle. Everyone can participate, regardless of age & physical condition!

Yoga Retreat Programs

We organize Yoga Retreat programs adjusted to your needs & desires, for small groups, to give you the privilege to stay close to your master & understand the powerful yoga essence & transformation. The design of our programs have daily yoga practices under the old olive trees, excursions to locations of indescribable natural beauty, complimentary daily massages, swim & sunbathe at the nearby sandy beaches, guided tours in museum of olive-oil mill, in the olive groves & the vineyards, cooking classes based on authentic local recipes of the Laconian wealthy & healthy cuisine which you will take along for safekeeping the tasty heritage of Greece.

Recognized as one of the healthiest diets, the Greek diet holds all those elements that shape a healthy nutrition. Since nutrition is such an important element in yoga we are keeping it light & even veggie for the ones that wish so. You will discover the secrets of the local diet that go back thousands of years to the ancient times. We will cook with ingredients “0 km” which complement & balance each other & give more to the body than they take away from it. Join us for this Yoga Retreat & combine the health benefits of yoga with wholesome delicious vegetarian meals, using fresh, artisan produce!

Our programs are one-week length & are especially designed for small groups with our or your own master in Yoga, individuals or travel agencies by special agreements. (SPECIAL TAILORED PROGRAMMS ON REQUEST).


Liotrivi Boutique Hotel

Our tours have the same starting point, the Athens Airport (07:00pm) & end up in the same place (09:00am), but not before you had an unforgettable lifetime experience in your heart, mind & soul to bring back to your friends & families.

We make all transfer with our private mini-vans only with experienced drivers, guides & masters keeping the highest standards.

We offer accommodation in different standards hotels (3-4 stars) in the region of Monemvasia (THE FLOWER OF MONEMVASIA – STARTING POINT HOTEL & LIOTRIVI EXPERIENCES – BOUTIQUE HOTEL).

Every afternoon challenging tasteful experience of the local cuisine, with rare & special flavors, will be offered by Liotrivi Experience “0km” Restaurant, a “must” for your buds.

"Liotrivi Experience Center" will be our host for other delightful experiences like wine-tastings, cooking classes, guided tours, olive oil & local products tastings, culinary experiences, etc., combined with an authentic Greek cuisine meal will create a full experience witch will introduce you into the Greek heritage.

We also give the opportunity to our guests to add to their dinner a Greek traditional dance group, improving the atmosphere & the knowledge of the Greek tradition.

We have available on request private transfers for the surrounding area of Monemvasia for those willing to explore even in their free time.

The all-year-round good weather conditions in the region (+15 °C to +25 °C), the natural beauty & the historical identity of the region as well as our extensive experience along with carefully selected routes & activities, combined with personally development & organization of each tour, as a personal private tour, guarantees the succesfull acomplishmenet of an unique vacation.

The colors & perfumes of nature, the flavors & the complete hospitality experience will accompany you for years... Get ready for strong emotions & great friendships...

Contact us to provide you with more information, details & prices for our programs.

"Private Greece"

Monemvasia 23070 Laconia,
Peloponnese, Greece.

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