Alternative Tourism

Laconia, is a regional unit in the southeastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula & combines contrasts & breathtaking landscapes, offering mountainous spots ideal for alternative tourism.

Through our selected affiliated businesses, we are offering great ideas & suggestions for the visitor to have the chance to obtain a full picture of our exquisite area. Our prime philosophy is to make visitors become familiar with the authentic Greek hospitality & tradition full of experiences & activities, highlighting the culture, the people, the history, the nature & the flavors of our area.

In an area, not only of unique natural & cultural wealth, but also with a wonderful climate all year round, we are offering the visitor suggestions, services activities & great experiences!

History, Culture
and Tradition

In a region where history is still alive, culture is everywhere & the tradition continues... In the area of Monemvasia, we carefully design for you & your family, special holiday programs for small groups, but also fewer days lasting program tours, to bring you close to history, culture & tradition of a region trying to keep its identity.

Nature and
Wild Life

Our beautiful & unique region has one of the richest floras in the world as there are registered more than 6,000 flowers & plants. Many rare species of plants are found here, (12 species of wild flowers specified in the Red Book) & 550 recorded species of mushrooms, constitute one of the most important ecosystems for the world floras.

Walking, Trekking,
Hiking and Cycling

One of the great cradles of Western civilization, Classical Athens in particular the birthplace or nurturer of democracy, philosophy, history, poetry, tragedy & comedy & some of the world’s greatest architecture & sculpture.
Through cultural influence & conquest, this small rocky country profoundly influenced the world.

Sea and Welness

Our aim is to offer body awareness, to help you to get in touch with our inner self, to reconnect with the environment, to balance & energize yourself & to re-educate yourself to a tasty & healthy lifestyle. Everyone can participate, regardless of age & physical condition!
We organize Yoga Retreat programs adjusted to your needs & desires.

"Private Greece"

Monemvasia 23070 Laconia,
Peloponnese, Greece.

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